Just Fit Wear


General Care Instruction

All our stuff should be washed in cold water, without fabric softener, and either tumble-dried on a low heat setting or hung to dry (preferred).

We firmly believe that the needless use of fabric softener gives rise to indoor pollution; with many brands emitting VOCs you really do not need to inhale.

Fabric softener also clogs up the surface of fabric fibres with a thin layer of chemicals. Our base layer already has anti-stink technology so coating the fabric’s fibres with unnecessary chemicals could hinder ultimate purpose.

Bleaching is not advised so please use bleach-free detergent.

Ironing is not required and should be avoided. Most wrinkles will disappear once your body gives off heat.

Steer clear of dry cleaning.  


Reflective branding

If you do bring your Just FIT garments to a Laundromat, please point out that the reflective material should not be pressed.

Like most reflective material, which is sensitive to direct heat, ironing over the design could cause it to melt. You’d also ruin the iron used.



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