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Posted | by Celestine Cheong


We exhibited at the SFN Expo a few months back and there was something that bothered us during the event. 


There was a fitness influencer (over 200K followers on Instagram) who couldn’t tell the difference between someone who was on the verge of collapsing during a workout, and needing a bit of a boost.


Instead of finding out if the person was OK, despite her excessively pale face, slumped posture and short breaths, shouted at her to do more when she leant on something to gather herself.


“COME ON!” shouted the influencer.


Cue overexerted individual stepping out of the arena and being tended to by those who know when someone’s not coping, i.e. us and fellow exhibitor and fitness academy, Fairy Bod Mother.


Unsurprisingly, there are a lot of fitness influencers out there who popularise the cosmetic superficiality of exercise and fitness training.


To be fair, the influencer isn’t a medical practitioner, but one thing is clear; not all of them have trained at elite level for competitive reasons or are in a qualified position to teach others.


To become a substantive coach / trainer to provide sound counsel on fitness at a certain level, takes academic pursuits, applied practice and years of experience.


Furthermore, when it comes to fitness, one size doesn’t fit all. What’s suitable for someone may not be for another.


It is important we don’t generalise all social media influencers and their abilities in this blog entry, but to appreciate that sometimes a good-looking or lean body doesn’t mean they have the right answers for people who genuinely do need help.


So bear in mind the following:


  • Each person is different
  • We all have varying fitness levels and capabilities
  • Exercising within limits, safely, to reach an end goal is key.

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